Music is not just singing. It touches our very being. We are able to live and express ourselves in ways that make the world a better place.

At Nahal school we identify and develop musical abilities so learners can be agents of positive musical experiences. We teach music as a subject in keeping with the CBC curriculum. Through Nahal House of Music we also engage interested learners to explore more deeply their abilities to play read music, develop their vocal abilities and use musical instruments.

Piano Lessons


Playing the Recorder

A recorder is a wind instrument. We play a recorder by blowing air into it. To produce good sound pay attention to how you tongue and finger.

Some benefits:

  1. Develop listening skill.
  2. Learn to read music.
  3. Develop coordination of muscles in the hand, eyes and fingers.
  4. Develop strong lungs and breath control.


Playing the Guitar

As it is with learning any other musical instrument, playing guitar is a musical journey that starts a step at time. With stamina and devotion each step progresses to another. In time, the eureka moment!

Coordination between the hand, ear,eye, and foot is important when playing drums.

Learners have a take at the different musical instruments.


Peer to Peer Learning

Naming notes on the staff helps learn to read music.