Nahal School is a Christian co-educational institution that is committed to Equipping and Inspiring children to achieve their full God-given potential and ultimately become transformative global leaders.

Nahal is a Jewish term that means ‘Leadership with humanitarian service’. We are nurturing leaders of tomorrow who need to learn the value of servant leadership and humanity based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Nahal School is located in an expansive, serene and beautiful environment at Kithoka locality, Meru- Kenya, away from the noise and distractions of Meru town and yet within easy access.

Yes, we are fully registered by the Ministry of Education to offer basic education up to class 8. We are a member of Kenya Private Schools Association.

Our school offers; 8-4-4, CBC (Competence Based Curriculum) and we have intentions to begin offering (IGCSE) British Curriculum.

Nahal school education philosophy is embedded on the goal to motivate each learner to discover and nurture their God-given abilities for purposeful service in their spheres of influence.

We envision a learner with global mindset rooted in principles and values exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ. A learner with varied interests and fully developed faculty for critical thinking and problem solving. We envision a lifelong learner with a developed capacity to ask critical questions.

All our teachers are certified by the Teacher’s Service Commission and close to 50% of the academic staff is qualified in ECDE and Special Needs Education.

For our teachers in Kindergarten, a minimum of Diploma in ECDE is required while our primary teachers have P1 qualifications. Continuous skill enhancement trainings are part of the annual school calendar to ensure that our teachers keep up with emerging trends in education.

No. Our school community is built upon and is committed to upholding our Christian faith. We admit learners from different religious backgrounds. However, these learners adhere to our values and principles whenever they are in school.

Parents may fill out an enrollment form after touring the school and meeting with the head teacher, who will answer your questions and discuss the availability of openings. One can also send an enquiry or put a call through to the school.

Our programs currently begin at Crèche (play class) for children aged 2 years and older.

  1. Recommendation letter from the current school.
  2. UPI code (generated from NEMIS)
  3. A copy of the Birth Certificate.
  4. 2 recent color passport size photos.
  5. Certified and recent academic reports from the last school term.

Families typically enroll their children for the start of the school year program which begins in January. However, we also offer rolling admissions which allow children to join a classroom at any point during the year if the space is available.

Yes. We have a Learning Support system and a team that serves students who have mild to moderate learning challenges. No additional fee is charged for any Learning Support services provided.

Nahal school offers an open enrolment policy which means that we do not exclude students based on their academic ability. We assess all learners before they are enrolled and work to ensure that we have a programme in place to help each child progress in accordance with their current level and individual ability.

Yes, you are welcome to visit the school any time. Please contact the school office to make an appointment to speak to the head of school or the Executive Director and for an official tour of the school.

Yes, you are welcome to organize a day for your child to attend the school to meet the learners and teachers.

Our cut-off date is September 1; children entering PP1 should turn 4 years old prior to 1st September and so on.

Each class has a maximum of 25 learners to promote individualized teaching/learning and a better child-teacher relationship.

All learners are required to wear the official school uniform except for those below the age of 3 years who are allowed to come to school with home clothes.

Yes. At an additional cost, transport can be arranged. The cost is calculated based on the distance from the school.

All children are provided with break time snacks, lunch and afternoon porridge at school. As part of encouraging good manners and acquiring social skills, the learners are required to eat together. Healthy, nutritional school meals are provided based on the provided menu. However, meals carried from home are NOT ACCEPTABLE. The charges for school meals are included in the school fees.

Yes. We offer boarding facilities for learners from Class 5 to 8. We have partial and full boarding options depending on one’s preference. In our boarding, learners undergo supervised study during preps and dawn study periods with an assigned teacher always available to assist the learners at all times; day or night.

Learners and staff are categorized into houses at Nahal school to foster collaboration, team work, healthy competition and a sense of responsibility to one another. We have three houses namely?

  1. Mount Zion (Yellow shirts)
  2. Mount Moriah (Blue shirts)
  3. Mount Olives (Red shirts)

Learners are put into the groups by the school after careful consideration after which parents are advised on the color of T-shirts to purchase.

Yes. Every field trip is organized uniquely and paid for separately from the school fees.

  1. Scholarly chess
  2. Clubs e.g. Music club, journalism, scouts club, dance and debate club.
  3. Creative Art; drama and music, painting, drawing etc.
  4. Sports; swimming, football, netball, badminton, handball etcetera
  5. Checkers for brain thinking faculty development

We are open on Mondays to Fridays from 7:45 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon. Children may be picked from school at 2: 50pm or 3:50 pm on school days.