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Nahal School Life

Our upper primary program provides opportunity, challenge and support to learners from Class 4 to 8. Meeting individual learning needs has a positive effect on self-esteem and development. Ours is a learning community in the broadest sense, supported by educators and parents. Our learners develop an understanding of themselves and their worlds through various forms of expression including art, music and drama. In addition, learning opportunities occur both in the classroom and externally through our various learners’ clubs such as dance club, debate and science club.

Upper Primary Curriculum

Our Upper Primary is now a blend of two curricular; the CBC curriculum introduced in 2018 and the 8-4-4 curriculum that is being phased out.

8-4-4 Curriculum

This curriculum is content focused with more emphasis on summative assessment. At the end of eight years in primary school, pupils sit for the KCPE examination in the five learning areas which form the basis for their promotion to the secondary school level. Classes 5 to class 8 are currently learning under this curriculum. Our team of dedicated staff remains unwavering in giving their all to our learners to ensure they achieve their best during the end exams. Thorough and timely syllabus coverage and revision is carried out. As part of our efforts to incorporate technology in our learning, digital learning remains our prime focus. It is in this spirit that we have continually offered professional development workshops to enable our staff to understand the new trends in education.

Competence Based Curriculum

This curriculum focuses on acquisition of competences to enable the learners to cope with life challenges. Grade 4 is currently learning under this curriculum.