Nahal School Life

Nahal School’s Kindergarten offers programs for children ranging from 2 to 5 years old. We believe in holistic Biblical and child centered approach in learning. We know that high-quality early childhood education lays a solid foundation for future learning and ensures a great start in life, which is why we aim to provide your child with a wondrous and enchanting journey each day, playing, reading, speaking, listening and learning.

Each day is planned so as to strike a balance between individual and group activities, outdoor and indoor activities, active and quiet activities, free and structured/guided activities and activities to foster all aspects of development.

Right from the start, your child will be immersed in the joy of learning numbers, words, Music and Art and their curiosity and imagination will be sparked thereby laying the foundation of a lifelong love of learning as they move effortlessly and joyously through the rest of their school years at Nahal. Our programs are carefully crafted to provide opportunities for each child to attain their maximum potential in an environment that is rich with creativity and play-based, hands-on experiences. Your child will be known and genuinely valued.

Our Kindergarten is divided into three sections;

  1. Crèche – Two and a half to three year olds.
  2. Playgroup/ pre-school – three to four year olds.
  3. Pre-primary 1– Four year olds.
  4. Pre-primary 2 – Five year olds