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Nahal School Life

Our Lower Primary School students, aged between 6 and 9, follow the competence Based curriculum (CBC).  This curriculum empowers learners to lead a fulfilling and productive life as global citizens of a changing world as it is based upon active learning experiences, creative problem-solving within authentic contexts, and a deep belief in the uniqueness and competencies of each learner.

At Nahal we understand that learners have different abilities and that each child learns differently. Our skilled teachers, therefore, use differentiated teaching and learning methods.  Children are encouraged to ask questions, form connections and to pursue their individual interests. Each child’s abilities are developed to their highest potential in a nurturing, safe, stimulating and creative environment. Classrooms and the materials offered are specifically tailored to meet the needs and spark the curiosity of young children. The child is valued and enabled to discover and appreciate who they are. Nahal school’s teachers view themselves as partners and facilitators in learning and in creating favorable classroom environments. Our teaching and learning, is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

At the core of our Lower Primary program is a commitment to developing children’s social and emotional skills. Children learn how to kindly interact with others in a shared space. They learn to value empathy, integrity, tolerance, and respect.

With a positive approach to discipline, children learn to consider their mistakes as opportunities to grow and learn. Teachers are always available for conversation and consultation, in addition to the more formal assessments, reports, and conferences shared throughout the school year. At Nahal, children are taught to appreciate diversity. They learn that each and every child was created in God’s image and likeness, and that all children regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion and abilities are equal before God. We value your child’s growth and development.