A Welcome Note From The Executive Director

Welcome to Ripples International Christian schools – Nahal where we learn, lead and transform.

Education has been pivotal in transforming individuals and societies the world over. Since inception in 2011 Nahal School has focused on providing holistic quality education touching the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of the child’s development.

Nahal School is under the umbrella of Ripples International and as such advocates for the rights of children. Nahal is a Greek word meaning ‘leadership’.

Our Christian beliefs and values form the very core of our existence at Nahal. We look to a time when, having been nurtured to cultivate a personal relationship with God, students are able to influence children related systems with their stand for moral uprightness. Through pastoral care students learn spiritual disciplines. They are able to understand Christian values and to articulate them in their lives and their responses to others.

As our motto goes we endeavour to provide this Christ centred environment and lifestyle where Nahal students learn, lead and transform their communities. We ensure continuity of learning both in and out of the classroom so that students are practicing in their communities what they learn in the classroom. Through platforms such as the student council we develop our learners’ leadership skills. We nurture the talents of the young learners so that they are able to explore their full potential.

Delivery of quality education is possible when foundational pillars are set. One such pillar is where teachers are well supported and equipped with all the necessary tools for service delivery. As such we conduct intentional capacity building, staff motivational projects and opportunities for rest and recuperation within and without the school. Teachers understand and comply with the Ministry of Education’s requirements. We are keen on providing basic literacy, numeracy and critical-thinking in all the grades we offer, from Crèche to class 8. Computer lessons are incorporated in learning to enable students to understand the ICT world.

Students have opportunity to identify and develop their talents as they engage in extra-curricular activities. A myriad of options are availed for indoor and outdoor games. Music, Art and Craft and swimming lessons are taught to interested learners.

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Mary Kagwiria
Head teacher: Mr. Salvan

A thorough administrative department ensures the smooth running of the school. An apt Administrative secretary, Head teacher, Senior teacher, finance team, teachers and support staff school facilities are well conditioned for use. Amazing beauty, elegance, and serenity awaits as you get to the school gate. The security team is apt with safety security checks.

The compound is clean and orderly fitted with fields and live fences that are neatly manicured. Waste bins are strategically places and learners are aware of their responsibility to ensure a clean environment. Sufficient running water is provided at designated water points. Classrooms are fitted with good ventilation and offer enough space, furniture and stationary. Day scholars on school transport can brag safe and timely carriage at designated pick up and drop off points.

The school campus is a safe haven to boarding students of classes 6 – 8 providing a learning atmosphere that is devoid of interruptions from the outside community.

The sweet aroma emanating from our top notch kitchen facilities is the work of an elaborate cooking team that ensures timely that fresh palatable meals are served in clean environment.

We continue to be hopeful in God who has brought us this far. We trust that He is able to guide us to make more milestones at nurturing all rounded leaders at Nahal school.