Education trips

Learners have opportunities to go school education trips within their local communities and beyond.


At a cultural center in Meru learners have an opportunity to know the Meru origin and traditional lifestyle. They enter the hut of the young men.
Traditionally, a homestead had a hut each for the head of the family, his wife, the girls and the young men. The young men were warriors. Their hut was close to the entrance of the homestead. At night they took turns to watch in case an enemy tried to attack the family.


A lesson on electronics used in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.


An education trip for crèche  and pre-school learners to the see the waterfall.
They notice how loudly it gushes out from the rocks falling down deep into the river and recklessly flowing away. Learners can now tell the difference between water running from a tap from that of a waterfall.