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This website is for the communication of information to current, past and future members of the Nahal School.

This site is a part of Ripples International. As such all users are expected to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The following outline those

The Nahal School (email, Intra, Inter, Library Resources, hardware, software, etc.) is designed to directly support and enhance the instructional program. It also functions to foster communication between and among all Nahal School employees. The use of this instructional and administrative tool must be limited to activities that directly strengthen education, curriculum and divisional communications.

By using the Nahal School I will be held accountable to this policy.


  • The viewing or distribution of information or material that is obscene (disgusting and morally offensive), pornographic (sexual photos or movies), or derogatory (insulting and mean) to others will not be tolerated.
  • All forms of cyberbullying (harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, sending / posting inappropriate or hurtful messages through email, chat, SMS, images or Web sites) are unacceptable.
  • Streaming and downloading large files for non-instructional use during school hours are forbidden.
  • Users of Nahal School resources are personally responsible for compliance with Kenyan law.
  • Nahal School resources may not used for private gain (to make money) or for political activities unless otherwise sanctioned (given permission by Nahal School Administration)
  • Plagiarism (copying or stealing other’s published work and using it as your own) is not tolerated at Nahal School. Any material obtained from the Inter and used in schoolwork must have the source cited correctly.

Nahal School users who feel that they have been the victims of misuse of technology should not erase the offending material and immediately report the incident to a teacher or school administrator. All reports of harassment in cyberspace will be investigated fully.

Nahal School will reasonably ensure personal data is secured. Nahal School reserves the right to monitor and investigate any data on the Nahal School to ensure maximum educational availability of Nahal School resources.

Sanctions could include, the loss of computer privileges, disciplinary action or termination of contract.

You may contact Nahal School’s Webmaster at:


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