We offer basic education that includes both the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and the 8-4-4 system.

Learning is not aimless. Learners have a vision and are focused to achieve it.


PP2 graduating class of 2019.

Learning to count in the creche classroom.

Grade 1 during the environmental lesson.
They collected various leaves and stuck them together.

Pioneer class – In 2020 we have our first graduating class of the 8-4-4 system.
We pray that our KCPE pioneer class 2020 candidates excel.

ICT Integration

We are ICT compliant. ICT is taught as a subject for the 8-4-4 system and is integrated in learning CBC subjects. During Covid 19 epidemic we began online learning.

In the computer lab pupils trying to assemble a computer during a lesson to identify the parts of a computer.